Customers Testimonials

“Anytime I have a plumbing need, I call Double J’s! Lead tech Daniel is really good and professional!” -Art

“I may work for the competition but I worked alongside Daniel there lead technician for a long time. Daniel is very professional, educated and thorough with his work. He was a great mentor to me and taught me a lot in this industry. I expect big things from this company.” -Taylor

“Received outstanding service following freeze-related pipe breaks. They arrived right when they estimated, repaired the initial problem (a busted line to an outdoor sprinkler), diagnosed a secondary problem and placed a valve in the sprinkler supply line, which didn’t have one (why it didn’t, I have no idea), in order to prevent a future failure. The service was fast, friendly, and I was kept appraised of any findings throughout the work. The price was in-line with what was expected and estimated. I recommend Double J’s highly, and will use them again!” -Barry

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